A-128 Fixed Filter Bank


filter bank made up of 15 parallel band pass filters

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Module A-128 (Fixed Filter Bank) is a filter bank, made up of 15 parallel band pass filters, all with fixed middle frequencies and bandwidth (50 Hz / 75Hz / 110Hz / 150Hz / 220Hz / 350Hz / 500Hz / 750Hz / 1.1kHz / 1.6kHz / 2.2kHz / 3.6kHz / 5.2kHz / 7.5kHz / 11 kHz).
Each band pass filter has its own amplitude control knob, with which that frequency band can be attenuated. The bandwidth of each of the filters is approximately half an octave.
The signal at the output of the A-128 contains a mix of all the filters, depending on the position of each one’s amplitude control knob.
The filter bank’s main job is to emphasise individual sections of the whole audio frequency range.

For more detailed information please look at the English user’s manual A128_man.pdf

If you want to add a single audio output for each filter we have instructions for this modification available: A128_single_outputs.pdf. If desired we carry out this modification in the factory (price for blind plate 8HP + 15 sockets + 3 special adapter boards + sockets/cables +  about one hour working time, about Euro 120 altogether). Please specify if the single outputs should be pre or post the attenuators.

Width: 20HP / 101.3 mm
Depth: 60 mm (measured from the rear side of the front panel)
Current: +20mA (+12V), -20mA (-12V)





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A-128 Fixed Filter Bank


Available on backorder