MachineRoom PRODIGY DUAL VCO is an analog dual oscillator based on the legendary Moog Prodigy synth schematics. We improved Bob’s design by incorporating ICs with better thermal stability, increased the range of secondary oscillator, and also added cross-modulation possibility. As usual for this limited run of full-analog handmade modules, we used only thru-hole components.

The module features 3 octave registers and 3 waveforms per oscillator.

OSC1 generates SAW, SQUARE, and TRIANGLE waves with 8, 16, 32 octave registers.
OSC2 generates SAW, PULSE, and TRIANGLE waves with 4, 8, 16 octave registers.

Unlike the original version, PRODIGY DUAL VCO allows switching OSC2 to the LFO mode to modulate OSC1 or other parameters (LFO range is from 0.1 Hz to 8.6 kHz). Precize pitch tracking is up to 7 octaves.

PITCH control has a range of +/- of 1.5 octaves with a central point (to have the ability to quickly return to the initial frequency with precision). The rise/fall time of the GLIDE/SLEW is up to 5 seconds

HARD SYNC switch allows syncing the phase and frequency of oscillators.
LINEAR FM input has a built-in attenuator.

OSC2 UNISON control has a range of +/- 7 semi-tones (increase/decrease relative to the Detune central point).
OSC2 V/Oct Tracking switch activates or disables the OSC2’s LFO mode. When disabled, OSC2 stops v/oct tracking, and the UNISON knob becomes a control for the LFO frequency.
OSC1 – OSC2 FM switch enables OSC2 as an OSC1 modulator.

When HARD SYNC is switched ON, Pitch/Sync knob controls the phase of oscillators.

The output level of each oscillator is about 3.5V which allows passive mixing. PRODIGY DUAL VCO is analog so should be allowed 5-7 minutes to warm up before use.

Skiff-friendly design.

Thru-hole components only

20HP / 35mm deep

Current consumption:
+12V – 125 mA
-12V – 105 mA
+5V – 0 mA

Hand-built in Kyiv, Ukraine



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