Mutable Instruments Braids


Voltage-controlled digital sound source

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DIY version of Mutable Instruments Braids
Braids is a voltage-controlled digital sound source. It features 45 waveform synthesis models, which cover techniques such as FM, wavetable synthesis, waveguide synthesis or analog emulation. Most synthesis models are built with one or several oscillators connected through crossfaders, modulators, filters, or delay lines. Each synthesis model is controlled by 2 parameters, called Timbre and Color. Most of the time, Timbre will impact the brightness of the sound.
33 synthesis algorithms from 8 categories:
– analog VCO emulation
– direct digital synthesis
– vowel/formant synthesis
– 2-operator FM
– physical simulation of tubes and strings
– wavetable synthesis
– filtered/coloured/pitched noise
– granular/particular
Bonus features include a note quantizer, sample/bit rate controls, and a basic AD envelope to modulate the timbre when receiving a trigger.
15 mA +12V
15 mA -12V
85 mA 5V
20 mm deep



Mutable Instruments


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Mutable Instruments Braids


In stock