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Modular drum synthesizer

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Blck_Noir is a modular drum synthesizer with seven voices.
Its circuits are loosely based on the Roland CR-78. Compared to the classic from the 70s, however, the module sounds much rougher and more powerful. – No wonder, as discrete analog circuits are combined with features like digital noise and spectrum animation. The Blck_Noir’s seven voices are kick, snare-drum, tambourine, closed and open hi-hat, cymbals as well as metal beat. An effects processor with eight algorithms is available for sound enhancement.
30 HP/TE width under a black panel, less than 3/4“ in depth 7 drum voices in the analog kit: bass drum, snare, tambourine, closed and open hi-hats, metal beat and cymbal; hybrid sound generation: band-limited digital noise with spectrum animation, injected into analog circuits full discrete analog generation part, using inductor coils instead of op-amps on-board effect processor with drum-oriented 8 effects with additional auxiliary input and firmware update over audio drums that have character: fit all styles of music – specifically tuned for darkwave and techno separate analog outputs and isolator-style resonance filter for main mix outputs
240 mA +12V
75 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
20 mm deep





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Endorphin.es BLCK_NOIR


Out of stock